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On the Road : Camden History Art Wall (Uk)

Hello my dears ,once again it's me and as you can see right now, I got my lazy ass up for giving a little life sign here on my poor neglected Blog.

Some of you may have accidentally noticed (on Facebook or Instagram) that I finally made it back to good Old London Town. Just a few weeks ago , i must say finally because it was already close to four years. since i've crossed the english channel for the last time. Shame on me for this fact ,because from cologne where i actually live you can made it over to London very cheap via Bus or Flight. 

And when i Talk about visiting London , then there is of course this one Place or better part of London which comes straight in every Fashion ,Music and Street Art addicted persons mind .I just say- freaky, rocking & wicked.

C'mon guys you can which place I mean ? Ok All Right im Talking about London's Famous Camden District of Course . Which is also official known as "London Borough of Camden". World famous for the Camden Market where you can buy fashion for (really) all tastes and of course the Stables Market, which is a mix of permanent shops and stalls selling household items, antiques, alternative clothing and food from all around the globe.

Beside of Shopping and Street Food Camden is also known for being a Paradise for street art fetishists , because you can find some amazing wall art there in every corner .

So you guys can possibly imagine that a walk trough Camden feels for a confessing street art fetishes like me ( i cant pass every interesting stickers on a lantern , without doing a picture of it) exactly as the same it must feel for a child in the candy shop.

This time i just did a couple of Snapshots of some wall art and house facades , because unfortunately i had nod that much time for motive hunting on my short visit.

Actually i think i will show you some of my discoveries on a upcoming Blog Post later this month. So if you're interested in Street Art , feel free to take a look here from time to time.

But by the way ,i decided that i definitely wanted to do one of those guided street art Tours through Camden on my next visit , which will be hopefully quite soon.

In Camden you can find also some great Bars and Music Venues like The Worlds End (my all time favorite ) Underworld, Koko and the Electric Ballroom. And also the MTV studios are located there.

In my View the streets and markets of Camden are pretty good for buying some Vinyls , you can call me Old School but it goes nothing over listen to Classics like Led Zeppelin or David Bowie on Vinyl.

And with a lil bit Luck you really can find some lil Treasures there.

The Pictures im showing here to you , i found  Printed on a hoarding across from the Stables Market close to Chalk Farm Bridge.

I found them Pretty interesting because they are showing the personality and some informations about Camden , in a Pretty Cool way.

So i could not pass this " History Art Wall " by , without taking some pictures of it.And you can believe me guys doing this on a Saturday afternoon ,on the overcrowded streets of camden was not that easy as it sounds .

Because don't let me lie i think i've Taken around 50-60 Pictures until i had some without people running through it. But i think it was worth it , what about you guys ? Feel free to let me know if you like those pictures that much as i do and if you would may be interested in more Blog Posts like this in the future .

For more information please Check Out: WWW.CMDN.MK/AD

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