Dienstag, 15. März 2016

Joana Loves : The Hunna ❤

Hey hey my Dears,

So today let us be "Casual" ,Because she's casual,she likes it and so do i. Last Tuesday after Torturing my Brain for two Hours at my Finnish class , i decided to went down to the known and on this evening well crowded" Blue Shell" Club which is Located in the heart of my hometown Cologne.For treating myself with some pints of delicious "Kölsch" ( a Famous German Beer ). And what was may be much more Important for seeing "The Hunna" , and well what can i say about it ? I can say that ive got blown away like a "Bonfire". And Because i was so in " Flames " i would like to introduce , this interesting Band to you here now.

Ok Who the Fuck are the Hunna ?
Thats a Good Question right ? The Hunna are four very sympatic young Gentlemen from Herfordshire, England.Ok to be 100 % exact The Hunna are: Ryan (Vocals/Guitar), Dan (Lead Guitar), Jermaine (Bass) and Jack (Drums).Which are actually on their first official Headliner tour trough Europe.After they had done a great Job supporting COASTS on their Last years UK Tour. And Just a few days ago the the the Boys could Proudly announce that all their upcoming Uk shows have already been Sold Out. Great Job Guys !!!

What is not really a Surprise especially for Lovers of Indie Music, Because The Hunna are already known for blowing a fresh Breeze through the European Indie Rock scene , and for their passionate live performances. What I can Confirm to 100 %.

What do the Hunna sound like ?

Thats another Good Question and may be the most more interesting one , for you if you haven't heard anything from /about them until now

Above you can watch a Video for their debut single "Bonfire" which has been produced by Tim Larcombe ( which has among others worked with Lana Del Rey ) and has been mixed by Dan Grech (Wolf Alice and Circa Waves).

In my view "Bonfire" is a fast-paced guitar Track which is instantly likeable, with a 100 % earworm guarantee while their second single "We Could Be" is mainly driven by the sing-along vocals. Which makes the song very light-hearted and also guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days.

If i should describe my personal option on their sound with only using Three words i would say :Honestly,anthemic and guitar driven.And for me i can honestly say that listen to them always brings a smile on my face , because you can hear and feel that they put a lot of Heart Blood in their Music.

What we can expect from them in the Future ?

Well some how im Pretty sure that we can expect a lot from this Boys in the near Future ,because the rapid rise of The Hunna is growing and growing unstoppable. Supported by their steadily growing Fanbase called " The Hunna Squad",the Band is currently Working on their upcoming "Debut" Album. So Ryan said to the expectant crowd in Cologne. And like i already wrote above they have a upcoming Sold Out UK Tour in front which will be Followed by a Show in New York,Us in June.

So it looks the Hunna will be definitely a sparkling highlight which will be light up the musical landscape of 2016 as one of the most exciting new artists to watch. So we can be curious what these guys will present us in the future. I can just recommend you , should you have the possibility to see them live on stage dont dare ,i guess its worth every penny .

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