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December Impressions.

Good Evening and HAPPY NEW YEAR , my dearest  readers and friends!!!

Yes im Still Alive even its hard to believe , because my last Blogpost here was in July. So maybe some of you would like to ask Joana where have you been arround the last Six Months ? Well my Dears thats a Good Question to ask. So where have i been arround?

Helsinki Cathedral

Somehow I actually don't really know how and where to start, telling you about this because especially in the last six months i was so damn busy with Traveling through Europe. I visited Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Ireland. And of course beloved Finland for diffrent times .(Helsinki,Lahti,Turku, Tampere) .

Morning Coffee at "Tiedekulma"
The last time I visited Helsinki in 2015 was just a few weeks ago from December 5th to December 7th. The reason for this short trip was that we wanted to meet up with some Friends and seeing a gig of famous Finnish singer Jonne Aaron, which was playing a gig on "VIKING GRACE". For those of you who don't know about, MS Viking Grace is a cruiseferry owned by the Finland-based ferry company Viking Line. Which is sailing Daily from Turku (Finland) to Stockholm (Sweden) and Back.

Hotel Helka
And so we enjoyed a turbulent mini "Cruise" from Turku to Stockholm with one night on Board, Turbulent because of the unfriendly stormy weather we unfortunately had. By the way for me it was my first "VIKING GRACE" trip and I'm sure it won't be my last.

So Cute -sweet Christmassy decorated shop window in Helsinki
Another Big thing for me last year was, that I started to Studying the Finnish Language in Auguste. Yes you have read right the Finnish Language (Suomen Kieli). Because since already close to Ten years now. I've a special never ending forth and back Relationship with this Country, his Language and of course with the People and their mentality.

A little bit interesting art from the Walls of Hotel Helka
But well, I must say even it is not easy, it's always a lot of fun for me going to Finnish class.Because my Teacher and all my Classmates are very nice, and we are laughing a lot everytime in class.

in my class Finnish
And on December 17th we celebrated our "pikkujoulu" which simply means "Christmas Party" with all the other Finnish classes together. It was pretty cute with candels, some Finnish Christmas food and a "Joulupukki" which is the Finnish word for "Santa Claus".

Me in Front of the "Schloss Brühl"
On the Picture above you can see me in Front of the Beautiful " Schloss Brühl " which is Located in Brühl Between Cologne and our former "Capital City" Bonn. I've never visited that place before, what a shame because I had no clue what I missed. When I walked around the Castle and trough the Lovely Park/Gardens I got so much inspiration, for some (hopefully) upcoming Photoprojects.

Banana Anyone ?
Because I always dreamed about doing a Bridal/ Cinderella themed Photoshoot, I think that this place could be the perfect shooting location for it. But the main Reason for my Trip to Brühl was not visiting the castle. I was going mainly there to visit the Max - Ernst Museum which is located right next to the castle, for visiting the "The World of Tim Burton" exhibition.

"Lock,Shock and Barrel"
In which you could see More than 500 drawings, paintings, marquettes, sketches, props and short films from the famous Movie Director "Tim Burton" Which was among others the creator and director of known movies like: Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare before Christmas.

Some sculptures in front of the Max-Ernst museum
I'm a Huge Tim Burton fan since my early childhood when I saw the Nightmare before Christmas for the first time on tv. And since this it has become a Tradition (somehow my only Christmas Tradition) for me to watch it every year ago on Christmas again on tv.
"The World of Tim Burton"
But unfortunately I must say that I was personally a Lil bitdisappointed, because I already saw the exhibition two years ago at the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris. Where it was much Bigger and showed some more items from his movies like the Original Edward Scissorhands Custom, or the Original Razors of Sweeny Todd. But of course, if to say about, that the Cinematheque Francaise is such a much bigger venue then the Max - Ernst Museum.

Some Drawnings from Tim Burton
But well if I left out the Comparing with Paris, it was definitely interesting to see his Artworks again. And Ialso took the chance to buy some more Postcards with printings of my Favorite Tim Burton Artworks like"Ramone" and "Dead Seahorse" which have already found a new home framed on my Bedroom Walls now.

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  1. Hey, welcome back :) Ohhh, Tim Burton Ausstellung, da wäre ich aber auch sowas von dabei :)

  2. I love your pictures!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Welcome back <3 I totally thought the schloss was the one in Wien, but it's not! It's very similar though. I love that you've been traveling a lot and that's a good reason for not blogging. I'm jealous, now I feel like traveling too! And the Tim Burton exhibition, aaawww!